Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So it's exam time in my campus and you shold see the madness that is around. Guys are all up in the library, trying to find which assignment was due when. What project was being done at which time and how the hell they were going to finish them all in time. Well, truth be told from them days I have been a procastinator big time I always put my things till the last minute and when it's like two days to exam time-even if you try how hard to find me you will not and that's a gurantee. Feels like Im being prepare for a crash course on WAR on TERROR -EXAMS
Well luckily for me I will not be able to burn my school seeing that it's a chistian institution and I may be cursed....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

EURO 2008

Spain finally won the euro 2008, the euro plane carried lots of festivities for the spanidas I lost some money since I bet on Germany, but hey THE BEST TEAM WON kudos spain. 44 years the legacy is reborn, way to go Torres yeah

CHURCH ' the place to be'

Sunday morning...people move in the same direction, ever seen the movie 'the village of the dammed, resident evil or a classic Dr. Frankenstein. They all have one thing in common, all the zombies move in the same pace and direction. The only difference with real life is we have cars we can ride in, flashy clothes we can wear. It has become routine just like people report to work on a monday morning. Well the job at the office will be done by the end of the day, but ask someone what they were really working on and they will tell you.."..um something to do with reports or systems analysis. " They know what it was about, but can't pin-point what it is exactly. Ask someone what the pastor was preaching about, something to do with heaven, sins and stuff. The same story is on like a broken record playing on and on and on repeating the same track in a CD of about thirty tracks. So we move like zombies to church (which are strategically and conviniently located: near our homes at the centre of the town, up a hill so that we actually swarm in from all direction) day in day out doing the same old routine, until next Sunday when we will do it all again. Church really is the place to be.


Boy meets girl, boy and girl become friends, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl marry then they live happily ever after. Typical fairy tale don't you think? where did they have a fight and make up? um when did they breakup because a 'good friend' was close to one of them and all they say is "aaahh he's or she's just a friend." Being one of the world I know different first if you guys happen to break up the "he's just a friend" now becomes the new boyfriend or girlfriend. By the time you leave the door you bump into them as they enter. It makes one feel like they would grab the pot plant and throw it at them. Well now yu can with the 'new breakup zapper press once and both are zapped to unconciousness.' would'nt that be something, only problem is there isin't one of them. Well, sorry to admit it but it takes only time before they get tired of you, " I just don't love you no more!!" and you thoght she or he was the one I gues we should all stay with the saying TRUE LOVE WAITS.

HUMAN NATURE why 'so called'

A man walks in a home wielding a machete, crude axe. Hacks the husband, the three month old baby, the wife he first rapes, then cooks himself a meal and disappears into the darkness. When finally the police catch up with him, he's arrested and brought infront of the judge. The lawyer to the 'murderer' pleads insanity and the man sent to a mentally insane institute. So the question is why in the first place is this man taken to court..I know because we are a democratic nation riiiite, and who will defend the murdered family eehhh? C'mon human nature in such a situation dictate that he was acting as an amimal because he is one... so now he stops becoming a human being riiiiiite, help me out here. Ever seen 'perfect murder?'

So I copy pasted sue me!

PROSTITUTION ' The oldest profession.'

Travel for a holiday in Amsterdam and you will be shocked, or pleased beyond belief, at least I was you walk down the streets and, you know how bread, vegatables, fruits are displayed in the local market. Yes the girls are in windows like designer clothing. First you do your window shoping then when you find what pleases your eyes you walk right in and do your thing. Apperently this earns the country revenue and the prostitutes go for tests. In my opinion don't you think those who 'buy the merchandise' put the prostitutes at risk on top of ruining their marriges?

ABORTION - pro life pro choice

Abortion in our country Kenya is a never ending srory. First you have the police going after doctors who allegedly have perfomed the 'vice' being imprisoned.
However, the solution to the problem in my opinion is not to go after the doctor's, after all they are trying to get a sense of livelihood though through the wrong means. As such I would go for pro life and pro choice, let the 'pregnant couple' decide what to do about their situation. This will only be possible if abortion is legalised in Kenya.