Wednesday, July 2, 2008

PROSTITUTION ' The oldest profession.'

Travel for a holiday in Amsterdam and you will be shocked, or pleased beyond belief, at least I was you walk down the streets and, you know how bread, vegatables, fruits are displayed in the local market. Yes the girls are in windows like designer clothing. First you do your window shoping then when you find what pleases your eyes you walk right in and do your thing. Apperently this earns the country revenue and the prostitutes go for tests. In my opinion don't you think those who 'buy the merchandise' put the prostitutes at risk on top of ruining their marriges?


phoebe said...

well i personally think what they are doing is imoral but lets face facts no one cares about morals this days so at least they are tryin to do it safely.

Anonymous said...

prostitution should be legalized at least then the sex workers will have access to medicare. Stigma will be kept at bay coz their rights will be defended

Anonymous said...

Don't think prostitutes have marriages to be ruined. However some of their spouses might be aware of their partners profession. They are trying to make a living at the end of the day