Wednesday, July 2, 2008

HUMAN NATURE why 'so called'

A man walks in a home wielding a machete, crude axe. Hacks the husband, the three month old baby, the wife he first rapes, then cooks himself a meal and disappears into the darkness. When finally the police catch up with him, he's arrested and brought infront of the judge. The lawyer to the 'murderer' pleads insanity and the man sent to a mentally insane institute. So the question is why in the first place is this man taken to court..I know because we are a democratic nation riiiite, and who will defend the murdered family eehhh? C'mon human nature in such a situation dictate that he was acting as an amimal because he is one... so now he stops becoming a human being riiiiiite, help me out here. Ever seen 'perfect murder?'

So I copy pasted sue me!

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